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Victoria Beckham Launches TikTok With A Viral Video About Her Diet

Victoria Beckham is a master of irony. Sending herself up (remember those “Fashion Stole My Smile” T-shirts? How about that Juergen Teller “shopping bag” campaign for Marc Jacobs?) is par for the course for the designer, who has built Brand Beckham with endearing self-deprecation at its core. In an industry that takes itself very seriously, VB stands out for her knowing nods to her celebrity fame and her impeccably curated personal aesthetic. She is firmly in control of her narrative.

It was only a matter of time, then, before Beckham joined the TikTok party. She launched her platform on 14 July with a sarcastic reference to the same diet she has followed for 25 years: grilled fish and steamed vegetables. “She will very rarely deviate from that,” David Beckham told The River Cafe’s Ruth Rogers earlier this year. The one exception during their entire marriage? When the mother of four was pregnant with Harper.


#StitchPosh to show me how Posh you really are TikTok… and tell me you’re Posh, without telling me you’re Posh. I can’t wait to see x VB

♬ original sound – Victoria Beckham

In her TikTok debut, Victoria says the inimitable line, “Tell me you’re Posh, without telling me you’re Posh”, while a waiter lifts a cloche to reveal her lunch. Yep, you guessed it: fish and veg. With a twinkle in her eye, this simple clip is all the former Spice Girl needed to set the tone for her TikTok career and send her followers, who are encouraged to use #StitchPosh to tell their own posh stories, wild.

Will we see VB recreate her go-to comfort food: a piece of wholegrain toast sprinkled with salt, which she also revealed on Rogers’s podcast? Time will tell. This is the first instance that Victoria has combined the fashion and beauty arms of her brand empire with her personal life – a smart move that will strengthen her identity as a businesswoman.

“TikTok is a super exciting platform, it’s new territory and a different audience, but it felt like the next natural step,” the designer tells British Vogue. “I can’t wait to share what we’ve been creating. On a personal level, I had to give in to the kids at some point – just don’t expect any dance routines!” Watch this space.

Source: Vogue

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