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Unusual gift Meghan Markle gave brother-in-law William during first Christmas with royals

The Queen famously went against royal protocol inviting Meghan to join the family Christmas before the couple wedded – with Meghan joining in the novelty gift tradition

It’s not always buying for the in-laws, but when your other half’s family happen to be the British monarchy the bar is even higher.

Prince William pictured with Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, during an Anzac Day service in 2018. Meghan is reported to have bought William a novelty spoon for her first Christmas with the Royals in 2017

Meghan Markle may have had a tough task on her hands in her first Christmas joining Prince Harry’s family, but she rose to it with some unusual gifts which are still remembered to this day.

The Duchess reportedly gifted Prince William a spoon engraved with the words ‘cereal killer’ as a joke present to use for his breakfast.

According to Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand’s biography about the couple, Finding Freedom , Meghan struggled with ideas for her brother-in-law during her first Christmas as part of the family.

Although she struck the novelty gift ideas just right when it came to her present for the late-Queen, presenting her with a singing toy hamster which was reportedly loved by the corgis.

“Meghan’s biggest challenge was finding the perfect novelty gifts to amuse her new extended family,” authors Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand write.

“At least one of her gifts was a huge hit – a spoon for William that had ‘cereal killer’ embossed on the shallow bowl end of the utensil.”

Meghan’s first Christmas with the royals was in 2017, when the Queen broke with tradition inviting her five months before their wedding in May 2018.

Before that, Christmas invitations were only extended after marriage.

The Sussexes will not be spending Christmas in the UK this year, and have reportedly been ‘off the discussion table’ for the royals’ Christmas gathering

The royals are known for their love of exchanging joke presents to one another on Christmas Day – with Prince Harry once famously gifting the Queen a shower cap emblazoned with the words, ‘Ain’t Life A B****’.

Another of his presents to draw cackles of laughter was a singing bass fish, said to have been displayed proudly at Balmoral for many years to come.

Before meeting wife-to-be Meghan, Prince Harry was hilariously roasted by sister-in-law Kate in 2016 after opening a ‘grow your own girlfriend’ kit.

King Charles once also unwrapped a leather toilet seat cover, courtesy of the wicked wit of his sister, Princess Anne.

Kate once hilariously gifted Prince Harry with a ‘grow-your-own-girlfriend’ kit for Christmas in 2016

While the family rarely reveal their gifts to one another in public, it’s well-known that Princess Kate once gave the Queen jars of homemade chutney for her first Christmas in the royal household – a present which was said to have gone down extremely well.

The subject of Meghan and Harry is one understood to be off the table this Christmas as the family gather for large celebrations at Sandringham.

The family were said to have been ‘furious’ after the couple dropped their ‘explosive’ Netflix docuseries earlier this month, making bombshell revelations about their departure from the Firm.

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