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Try This 15-Minute Lower-Body Workout from Kayla Itsines’ New Low-Impact Program

Kayla Itsines‘ Bikini Body Guides (BBG) program has developed a cult-like fandom — and for good reason. Since launching in 2012, the program’s signature 28-minute workouts have transformed the lives of millions of women around the world, helping them take control of their health so they can become the strongest and most confident versions of themselves.

The best part about BBG is that Itsines knows how to cater the workouts to the masses. Along with her original BBG programming, the trainer offers beginnerno-equipment, and post-pregnancy programs, among others as well.

Keeping with the spirit of inclusion, the trainer just announced the launch of Low Impact with Kayla, a new 8-week program geared toward women of all ages, as well as those who might be recovering from injuries. The program will be available exclusively on the SWEAT app.

Turns out, Itsines’ mom, Anna, was the inspiration behind Kayla’s latest fitness endeavor. “I’ve always loved training with my family and friends, but my mum has always been the hardest to convince to join me, as she thinks I enjoy burpees and jump squats a little too much!” Kayla shared in a statement. “Speaking to mum, I realized there was a need for a low impact option for many other women who wanted an effective workout but without the high-intensity movement and pressure on their joints and muscles.”

The trainer said she hopes that her new program will provide women with a highly effective workout that doesn’t involve any jumping or high-impact movements. Not only is this program a great alternative for anyone who needs a break from power and dynamic movements, but it’s also a safe alternative for people recovering from hip, knee, ankle, or other joint pain or former injuries.

To break it down, the program features three easy-to-follow workouts every week, ranging from 20-30 minutes each. This way, you can progress at your own pace and easily build time for exercise into your schedule. The program will also offer two optional express workouts for anyone short on time, or to add on to one of the three weekly workouts. All workouts can be completed at home with minimal equipment, including a set of dumbbells and a chair.

“My low impact program is a great example of how workouts don’t have to be high-intensity and full of jumping exercises to be effective,” Kayla tells Shape. “With concentrated exercises that focus on challenging the muscles and building strength, my low-impact workouts will help women increase their endurance and fitness all while keeping two feet on the ground.”

“Now my mum really has no excuse and I can’t want for us to train together at home,” she adds.

To give you a taste of what Low Impact with Kayla has to offer, test out this exclusive 15-minute low-intensity lower-body workout designed by the trainer herself. The workout will challenge and strengthen your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves.

Prior to the workout, Kayla recommends warming up by doing three to five minutes of cardio — whether that’s jogging in place or jumping rope — as well as some dynamic stretches like leg swings, arm circles, and torso twists. As for the cool-down, the trainer suggests doing three to five minutes of walking, paired with some static stretches that lengthen your muscles and increase range of motion so that you can avoid soreness and reduce the risk of injury.

Kayla Itsines’ Low-Impact Lower-Body Workout

How it works: Complete each exercise in the triset two times for the time allotted. Following a 30-second rest, complete both supersets, three times, back-to-back with a 20-second rest in between.

What you need: A workout mat and open space.


Glute Bridge

A. Start by lying on your back with knees bent and feet hip-width apart. Keep arms at your side, palms face down.

B. Gently lift hips up until back forms a straight line from chin to knee. Think of extending knees forward toward the wall in front of you to lengthen hips.

C. Hold and return to starting position.

Repeat for 30 seconds.

Lateral Lunge

A. Start by standing with feet together and hands clasped in front of chest.

B. Take a large step out to the right, immediately lowering into a lunge. Hips should sink back and right knee should bend to track directly in line with right foot. Keep left leg straight but not locked, with both feet pointing forward.

C. Push off the right foot to straighten right leg, and step right foot next to left to return to starting position. Repeat on opposite side.

Repeat for 30 seconds.

Double Pulse Squat

A. Start by standing with feet shoulder-width apart, hands clasped in front of chest.

B. Brace abs, push hips back, and bend knees to lower into a squat, keeping weight in heels.

C. Pulse once through heels and extend legs slightly.

D. Push through heels and extend legs to return to starting position.

Repeat for 30 seconds.

Repeat the triset two times. Rest for 20 seconds before starting Superset 1.

Superset 1

Sumo Squat

A. Stand with feet wider than shoulder-width apart, toes turned out at about 45 degrees.

B. Inhale to sit hips back and lower into a squat, clasping hands in front of chest, keeping core engaged and back neutral.

C. Pause at the bottom, when hips are in line with knees or when form starts to break. Shins should be vertical and knees should be tracking over, but not past the toes.

D. Exhale to press into heels and outer edge of foot to stand.

Repeat for 40 seconds.

Single-Leg Glute Bridge

A. Starting in a floor bridge position, lift one leg straight up into the air and slowly press through the opposite heel.

B. Exhale and lift hips up as high as you can without allowing lower back to arch, keeping tailbone tucked.

C. Inhale and lower hips back to the floor slowly with control.

Repeat for 40 seconds.

Repeat the superset three times. Rest for 20 seconds before starting Superset 2.

Superset 2

Alternating Forward Lunge

A. Start with feet together and hands clasped in front of chest or on hips.

B. Brace core and take a large step forward with right foot, lowering into a lunge until both knees form 90-degree angles.

C. Push off the middle of the front to step right foot back next to left and return to starting position. Repeat on opposite side.

Repeat for 40 seconds, 20 seconds on each side.

Modified Side Plank Hip Lift

A. Lie on left side with knees straight. Prop body up on left elbow and forearm, feet stacked. Keeping legs together, bend both knees at 90-degree angles; this is your starting position.

B. Gently lower hips until they’re about an inch from the mat.

C. Using obliques, lift hips back up to starting position. Repeat on other side.

Repeat for 40 seconds, 20 seconds on each side.

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