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TikTok Fake Celebrity Death Prank Gets Hilarious Reactions, Some Call It ‘Sick’

The latest TikTok trend is all about tuggin’ on family members’ heartstrings, announcing the fake death of a beloved celeb … and while the reactions are pretty hilarious, the viral clips have been met with some “bah humbugs” online.

The trend’s picked up some serious steam on social media — especially as families reconnect for the holidays, and what better way to pass the time than by (falsely) announcing the death of George Clooney or Kris Jenner … right??

Gotta admit, there are some funny reactions in the mix … from blood-curdling screams to almost reaching tears, it really goes to show just how much these stars mean to people.

While TikTokers are gettin’ a good laugh, the joke ain’t landing with some … because a good chunk of the comments sections on these clips are filled with people calling the prank “unsettling.”

Some are even blasting the younger generation for making light of the death of a celeb, even with their passing being untrue … one even commented on a post, “This is so sick.”

However you’re spendin’ the holidays, just make sure you don’t give grandma a heart attack with “Elton John Dead At 75!”

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