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This Sarah Jessica Parker-Approved Volumizing Spray Was Behind Brooke Shields’ Envious Talk Show Blowout

Between Brooke Shields’ flawless skin and her ultra-voluminous, frizz-free hair, it’s safe to say the model is a regular source of beauty inspiration for all. And if you saw her recent segment on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, we bet you something along the lines of, “What did she do to get such perfect hair!” came out of your mouth. Or rather, what did her hairstylist Tim Nolan do?

Shields’ really good hair moment likely started off with a wash and a blowout — and though we don’t know which shampoo and/or conditioner the model did a quick lather, rinse, and repeat with, we do know the star hair product that played a key role in achieving that envious bounce and volume: Serge Normant’s Dream Big Instant Volumizing Spray that you can scoop up on Amazon. 

Brooke Shields hair

In a BTS snap posted on his Instagram Stories, Nolan can be seen holding that signature blue Serge Normant spray bottle, spritzing the mineral-and-protein-packed formula, which promises to deliver major volume and strengthen hair while still providing a flexible hold, all over Shields’ hair. The result? Well, just look at every picture of her sitting on stage with Cohen, and you’ll see it was nothing short of amazing. Worth mentioning: The weightless spray comes out dry and clear, so you never have to worry about your tresses looking powdery or wet, just shiny, smooth, and oh so bouncy.

Serge Normant Dream Big Instant Volumizing haircare

If this Serge Normant spray looks familiar, it’s because Shields isn’t the first star to use it to get some extra oomph. It just so happens to be a favorite of Sarah Jessica Parker, who once shared with PEOPLE that, “This is a must. It works for so many people. Use it instead of dry shampoo or hairspray to give your hair more body.” 

Meghan Markle is also known to use the Dream Big spray, with hairstylist to the stars Serge Normant relying on it to achieve Markle’s internet-breaking blowout on that iconic Time cover. 

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