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This Now-$1 Brow Pencil Rivals Options 20 Times the Price, According to Shoppers

I find the term “geriatric millennial” unnecessary (along with “geriatric pregnancy,” for that matter), but nothing makes me feel my age like remembering when everything E.l.f. was $1. Looking back, it seems too good to be true — but viva la oldies, the dream is alive today, since some of the brand’s shopper-loved Ultra Precise Brow Pencils are on sale for as little as 1 buck. 

To be clear, E.l.f. is still almost criminally cheap across the board; the pencil that’s now just over $1 regularly goes for $5. It’s unclear why only the brunette shade is so heavily discounted, but such are the vagaries of Amazon. And even at the $5 mark, over 3,000 shoppers have declared the pencil worthy of a full five-star rating. “This is hands down my favorite eyebrow pencil, by far. For its cost and pay off, I could honestly not praise this enough,” wrote a fan.  

e.l.f. Ultra Precise Brow Pencil, Creamy

The easy-to-use formula is a major selling point for many customers who praised the smooth, pigmented color and ultra-fine tip — “you really feel like you’re penciling in individual hairs,” said a repeat buyer. Others wrote that it looks “so natural,” and one even compared it to their $24 go-to. “I have been through billions of pencils, and I’ve only stuck by the Benefit brow pencil. But after using the e.l.f. Precise in the shade Natural Brown, I can tell you it might be a little better than the Benefit. It goes on super easy, the brush is a plus, [and] the price is amazing.”  

Another person echoed the comparison and said that even for their “super thin” brows, the pencil creates a realistic look for a fraction of the cost. The only potential negative is that, like many retractable brow pencils, the tip can break if you apply too heavy pressure. The flip side is that the Precise Brow Pencil never needs sharpening; you just twist up the fine lead, and it lasts about six weeks with daily use, per someone who called it their “sparse brow friend.” 

Looking at the ingredients, that nickname is accurate in more ways than one. The formula features castor oil, which could be behind its smooth pigment delivery — and since brow experts say the ingredient is like “Rogaine for your brows,” it may even help encourage hair growth as it fills in patchy spots.

We love a multitasker, especially for a nice price. Get the E.l.f. Precise Brow Pencil for as little as $1 while the sale lasts, and $5 after it ends.

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