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This Hack Will Make Cold Butter Easier to Spread Every Time

When you’re making your morning toast, how often do you throw chunks of cold butter on it, trying to spread it around as it melts only to realize you’ve got way too much butter — or worse, you’re tearing holes in your bread? Even if you get the perfect bread to butter ratio and manage not to tear it, the whole process is a bit of a pain. Luckily, this easy hack not only makes it so you put the right amount on every time, it will also give you easily spreadable butter.

I honestly can’t believe this trick never crossed my mind before. Norwegian TikToker @Krisslovesfood posted it, and it’s so simple: When you want to spread butter on any food, especially something like toast, use a cheese grater to shred your cold butter over it. You only need to rake the butter over the grater a few times, and then it’ll be ready to spread.

So straightforward, right? Since I eat toast at some point almost every day, I immediately wanted to try this one. Normally I just cut a small square of butter off of the stick and wait for it to melt enough on freshly toasted bread before spreading it, but sometimes that can take a while, and my bread isn’t evenly buttered. I used a hand grater instead of a full-sized one for my experiment, and this trick still worked well. I had to swipe my butter through a few more times since it has smaller holes, but I still had perfect toast at the end.

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