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This 2-Ingredient Natural Cleaner Will Make Your Bathtub Sparkle for Pennies

Stepping into your shower and feeling a layer of grime beneath your toes is the last thing anyone wants when they’re just trying to get clean. That’s why we recommend picking up a cheap, totally natural bathtub scrubber the next time you make a grocery store run.

Nope, no need to head to the cleaning aisle. Instead, hit up the produce section for some grapefruit! I found this tip from the home experts at Bob Vila while looking for a way to make my tub sparkle without using harsh chemicals. The simple method involves slicing a grapefruit in half, sprinkling it with a tablespoon or two of coarse salt, and using that as a bathtub scrubber

Before prepping my salty citrus, I popped it in the microwave for 10 seconds and rolled the fruit around on my kitchen counter. I use this method to get more juice out of lemons I’m cooking with, so I figured it could do the same for getting more grime-fighting juice out of the grapefruit. I then cut it in half and brought it and my kosher salt into the bathroom. I didn’t want the salt to disappear on the fruit too quickly, so I waited until I was just about to start scrubbing before adding it.

I also followed Bob Vila’s tip to let water run in the tub for a few seconds to get the surface damp. After that drained completely, I poured a little salt in the tub — just enough to lightly coat it — before adding hefty sprinkles to one of my grapefruit halves and started scrubbing. I could instantly see the grime react to the acid from the citrus and the gentle abrasive of the salt! And I loved the aroma of the fruit rather than nose-prickling chemicals.

I had to use extra elbow grease on tougher spots, but the rind of the grapefruit also worked great for tackling stubborn gunk. I was impressed at how well it worked for the metal faucet, too. Plus, it was quick. I didn’t’ time myself, but I think the whole process only took about 20 minutes!

I ended up using both grapefruit halves to finish cleaning my tub, but you might need more depending on the size of yours and the amount of grime that’s built up. Either way, it’s still a super budget-friendly way to make everything shine. You can usually grab a full pound of the citrus for just a few bucks and still have plenty unused grapefruit leftover for snacking on.

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