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These Are The Best Dry Shampoos To Banish Greasy Roots, Pronto

You’d be hard pressed finding us someone who doesn’t count on dry shampoo as a beauty staple. Because, simply, for those with longer, curly hair, or colour-treated hair, hair wash day is a long slog. For those who really want to give their hair some TLC, washing it is multi-step process. Gone are the days of just the shampoo and conditioner: these days, you’ll also find scalp scrubshair masks and serums aplenty.

Thankfully, the haircare market has also provided us with an abundance of dry shampoos, too. And while formulas have come a long way since the mushroom-cloud, powdery sprays of the noughties, not all dry shampoos are made equal. Some lend volume; some are colour-tinted; others thicken strands. In short? It is a bit of a minefield.

That said, Grazia have separated the wheat from the chaff and delivered to you the very best dry shampoos of the bunch. Some you can pick up in your local Boots for less than £5, others you’ll find are hidden gems on SpaceNK. Happy spritzing!

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