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The Verdict On Chanel’s Blockbuster New Beauty Line – Its Most Conscious To Date

It’s only the first week of the year and already one of the biggest launches of 2022 has arrived: No. 1 de Chanel – a totally new line-up of products from the fashion and beauty house that brought us the iconic No. 5 Eau de Parfum, and which is now continuing the beauty legacy with a name that befits the seismic nature of this project.

With a strong message in sustainability and skincare innovation, this launch sees Chanel step up its game in a notable way, with a more conscious approach to beauty. Heralding its first foray into refillable packaging with the Revitalizing Cream, there is neither outer plastic wrapping, nor inner paper leaflets inside any of the product boxes. All bottles and jars are made from recyclable glass that has been reduced by up to either a half or third in weight, which, when you consider the impact this has on a global scale, is actually quite remarkable.

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What’s inside the jars? A formulation that is the result of almost a decade in research and development. Using the brand’s star ingredient, the camellia flower, the range has been designed to target “senescence”, the ageing process that sees skin cells lose their vitality (and ergo the skin’s ability to repair itself). Whilst the white variety has previously been used in the brand’s existing Hydra Beauty line, No. 1 de Chanel draws its power from a potent red variety, the camellia japonica. Its powerful skin repairing properties (which come from its ability to bloom in even the harshest conditions), have been infused into the three pillars of the collection, skincare, make-up and fragrance.

Which are the standout products? See here Vogue’s verdict on the soon-to-be cult products from the range:

No. 1 de Chanel Revitalizing Serum

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Silky and lightweight, the gel texture of this serum layers really well under any cream. But don’t let the weightless texture distract you from just how jam-packed it is with skin-supporting ingredients – it contains the most concentrated extract of the red camellia. Supporting clinical trials show impressive results on how it counteracts senescence in the skin.

No. 1 de Chanel Revitalizing Cream

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This cream is brilliantly moisturising and thanks to the mousse-like texture, it sinks seamlessly into skin. Made up of 95 per cent natural ingredients (70 per cent of which come from the camellia), it delivers an instant hit of hydration, while simultaneously protecting against external aggressors and helping skin cells to remain in peak condition. Packaging kudos for the refillable jar container, and lid made from camellia seed shells, by-product waste from the camellia harvest. It’s available in a lotion formula too.

No. 1 de Chanel Revitalizing Foundation

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Chanel foundations have long had cult status for the way in which they bring about a natural-looking glow. This new addition lives up to that reputation, but with the added benefits of serious skincare ingredients. A hybrid of lightweight foundation and tinted moisturiser, the buildable-coverage formula illuminates skin, and is enriched with red camellia oil to hydrate and protect all the while. Available in 20 shades.

No. 1 de Chanel Lip and Cheek Balm

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An unexpected but exceptional part of the collection is the addition of colour make-up. Again infused with the hydrating properties of red camellia oil, these creamy lip and cheek balms help to bring about a lit-from-within radiance. With six shades ranging from the super subtle to slightly more bold, we predict a frenzy over these.

No. 1 de Chanel Revitalizing Serum-in-Mist

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This is an exciting foray into a more innovative approach to skincare application for Chanel: a serum-in-mist that can be used both as part of a skincare routine and over make-up to revive. It’s refreshing, revitalising, made up of 97 per cent natural ingredients, and imbued with a gentle floral scent (it is the partner-in-crime to the L’Eau Rouge Fragrance Mist, a fragrance infused with skincare benefits), as an added pick-me-up.

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