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The Best Items on Shake Shack’s Secret Menu

In the world of fast food, Shake Shack has elite status. It’s way more than just a burger and fries joint—it’s an experience with a cult following. Any New Yorker (“real” or, ya know, just an intern here for the summer) will tell you there’s nothing better than sitting in the sunshine in Madison Square Park, scarfing down a Shack Burger and an order of crinkle cut cheese fries with a draft root beer on the side. The great thing is, when you get tired of that order, you can move on over to the crispy Chick’n Shack sandwich…or the flat-top hot dog…or the ’Shroom burger. Also important: Shake Shack’s frozen custard, which is basically like a creamier, richer version of ice cream.

And if you already count yourself a superfan of the high-quality fast food spot, then you need to unlock the next level: Shake Shack’s secret menu items. From veggie hot dogs to peanut-butter-covered burgers (hey, don’t judge till you’ve tried it) and even an alcoholic ice cream float, Danny Meyer’s modern-day burger stand has several mouthwatering dishes that are kept on the down low. Order one of the following top-secret menu items the next time you’re at Shake Shack, and watch your friends bow down.


A BLT is always a good move, but putting it on Shake Shack’s potato bun is just *chef’s kiss*. Add a side of fries, and you’re in business.

The Peanut Butter Bacon Burger

I know this combination sounds almost *too* decadent, but apparently, it’s phenomenal. They even offered this PB & B burger on their real menu one weekend, and it sold like hotcakes. Ultimately, they removed it because of allergy concerns, but you can still ask for a side of the peanut sauce and drizzle it on your bacon Shackburger.

The Beer Float

That’s right, people: You can spring for a grown-up beer float courtesy of your favorite burger-maker. The ShackMeister® Ale was created by Brooklyn Brewery specifically to pair with a Shackburger. Combine the pale ale with a scoop of custard and you’ll be in heaven.

The Quad

If you thought you were a champ for eating the Double Shack (pictured above), I’m sorry to take the wind out of your sails, but I have a new challenge for ya. The Quad is exactly what it sounds like—four beef patties and four layers of cheese between one single potato bun plus the lettuce, tomato, and Shack Sauce you know and love. I hope your stomach is ready for this jelly.

Cheese and Shack Sauce Fries

Cheese fries are a Shake Shack staple, but not everyone knows the trick of adding Shack Sauce. Ask for an order of the spicy/sweet/sour mayo-based sauce on the side and then pour it on top of your cheesy crinkle cut fries. Nearly X-rated, I tell ya.

The Garden Dog

The Garden Dog is a lesser-known plant-based option that vegetarian diners will love. It’s similar to the Shack-cago Dog, but it uses a pickle as the base instead of a hot dog. A nice change of pace from the ’Shroom Burger if you’re a frequent Shake Shack visitor who’s trying to eat less meat.

The Cheese Dog

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