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Salt Bae mega fan says chef is ‘not his hero anymore’ after being shrugged off during meeting

A Salt Bae mega fan has said the viral star is ‘not his hero anymore’ after he was shrugged off during a recent meet up.

But as is often the case, the whole thing has sparked a debate online. Before we get into it, check out the awkward exchange:

The clip shows TikTok user Masala Bae – he really is a fan – ‘finally meeting’ his idol. Standing side-by-side with the infamous chef, real name Nusret Gokce, the TikToker shows him a few of his clips.

“I literally try to be just like you,” he tells Salt Bae. “I’ve learned everything from you, I make my own videos just like you because you are my inspiration.”

The TikToker continues, “You helped me make my own business,” before earnestly thanking the chef.

Despite the emotional aside from Masala Bae, Gokce simply turns to the camera with a thumbs up before rather bluntly saying, “Enjoy.”

Text over the footage reads: “Shrugged off, not famous enough for him, not worth it.”

Clearly the fan was incredibly disappointed by the exchange, writing: “He hurt me… not my hero anymore.”

The chef lost a mega fan that day. Credit: TikTok/@masala_bhai

With his London restaurant having been ranked one of the worst places to eat in the city and one of his steaks coming in at a whopping £850, it’s not all that surprising to see Salt Bae hitting the headlines for the wrong reasons anymore.

In fact, just last month he was slammed as ‘super disrespectful’ after being accused of talking on AirPods while cutting a ridiculously expensive steak.

And it seems this latest incident has only added fuel to the fire, with some people criticising the chef in the comments section.

“Salt Bae only cares about money and materials,” wrote one, while another quipped: “Salt Bae: ‘Nice to meet. Did you pay your bill?'”

Others are still, well, salty about the World Cup controversy whereby Gokce was pictured holding the trophy, despite the fact that it’s famously only allowed to be touched by a select few.

As said by one commenter: “Salt bae should leave the public scene after what he did at the World Cup.”

Salt Bae was slammed for holding the World Cup trophy. Credit: Instagram/@nusr_et

And then there were those who questioned the TikToker for his choice of idol, including this person who asked: “How can you take Salt Bae as a hero?”

“Bros inspiration is Salt Bae,” said another, while a third added, “Salt Bae being ur inspiration and idol is crazy.”

Finally, plenty of people suggested Salt Bae doesn’t ‘understand English well’, but Masala Bae responded to these comments by sharing a follow-up clip in which he appeared to have a good grasp on the language.

Whatever the case, it appears Salt Bae has lost an avid fan in this guy.

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