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Salma Hayek Is Back With Another Unforgettable Swimsuit

In November, Salma Hayek delivered a jaw-dropping Gucci swimsuit moment that had us yearning for winter sun (and a refreshing poolside drink). Come 2022, Salma’s still living it up in a glamorous one-piece, but has traded her summery tipple for a coffee. 

The actor sipped her “first coffee of the first Monday of the first month of a brand new year” in an Instagram snap, wearing a low-cut leopard-print one-piece beside an idyllic azure pool with the ocean visible in the near distance. Truly an enviable Monday mood. 

Salma’s Instagram feed is peppered with wanderlust-invoking pictures worthy of a postcard and motivational captions, and documents her ever-growing swimwear collection. Before that viral Gucci moment, she briefly broke the internet with a shot of her taking a siesta on a hammock – her respite after “promoting two movies back to back”. 

No wonder she needed a rest: she joined her House of Gucci co-stars Jared Leto, Adam Driver and Lady Gaga on a global promo tour last year, which coincided with the red carpet run-up to Chloé Zhao’s Eternals, also featuring Angelina Jolie, Harry Styles and Gemma Chan. Salma navigated the red carpet with the same flair she displayed in the ’90s, in a Gucci-heavy wardrobe of gowns. 

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