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Presenting: 11 Dips You Can Make From Other Dips Because Whomst Has the Time?

If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that our food creativity amidst, er, unprecedented times knows no bounds. Whipping coffee to oblivion on a weekday morning! Teeny bites of pancake as cereal! A whole-ass new way to wrap…a wrap! My god, we are impressive. But now we have something else to add to your skill set: artisanal dips created by expertly mixing other dip-y items hiding out in your kitchen. I mean, I know you know you’re bored of the regular ranch and need to spice up everything in order to feel something again…or maybe that’s just me?

But seriously, being your own chef definitely means zhuzhing up a meal with your beloved Hellman’s squeeze bottle and your oft-used sriracha. Or discovering that you actually *are* fully capable of making burnt broccoli taste good with uh…some sour cream and soy sauce? Taco seasoning? The possibilities are endless!

1. Cool Whip + Marshmallow Fluff

A decadent sugar bath for your strawberries and other fruit faves. But if you really want to be hardcore, just dunk a spoon in here.

2. Ricotta + Fruit Jelly

Perfect for all you graham-cracker stans that just want a little extra ~something~ on the classic snack.

3. Mayo + Sriracha

Your leftover fries and roasted veggies will. not. know. what. hit. them. We recommend you make this in VERY large batches and also use it in a sushirrito, like this guy:

4. Sour Cream + Taco Seasoning

The condiment your nachos have been craving. Just think of abig, ooey gooey plate of nachos with this bad boy of a mix?? Heaven.

5. Any Kind of Meat Sauce + Cream Cheese

Heat this bad boi in the microwave and stir for gooey goodness. Unrelated: Anyone craving Hamburger Helper?

6. Soy Sauce + Sour Cream

A hibachi dinner dream. Coat your rice, chicken, steak, veggies, whatever with it.

7. Relish + Mayo + Ketchup

A special sauce for, like, everything. Especially all the nugs your heart and tummy can handle.

8. Greek Yogurt + Olive Oil

Your new fave pairing that makes broccoli taste…good? And also kinda chic? Like “I summer in Positano” chic?

9. Cream Cheese + Black Bean Salsa

Munch with tortilla chips as a pre-game to your Taco Tuesday. Yeah, this will take some elbow grease to mix up, but it’s worth it.

10. Guacamole + Salsa

This guac IS extra…no charge. Enjoy with your finest DIY nachos, enchiladas, or even just toast.

11. Hot Honey + Warmed Goat Cheese

A sophisticated charcuterie staple to post on le ‘gram. And apparently also stuff in a jar? See below…

Source: Cosmopolitan

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