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Melanie Inglessis: 5 Facts On Amber Heard’s Makeup Artist Who Testified About Covering Bruises

Amber Heard’s former makeup artist, Melanie Inglessis, revealed the actress ‘had injuries’ that she had to cover up for her 2015 appearance on ‘The Late Show with James Corden,’ in her testimony at Johnny Depp’s defamation trial. Find out more about her here.

Amber Heard‘s former makeup artist, Melanie Inglessis, said the actress had injuries on her face that she once had to cover, in her testimony at the defamation trial between Amber and her ex-husband Johnny Depp on May 18. The French professional revealed that she had to use makeup to cover “discoloration under her eyes” and more for her 2015 appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, just a few days after Amber alleged that the Pirates of the Caribbean actor head-butted her “in the nose” hit her in the face, and grabbed her by her hair, in her own testimony. The alleged incident took place one day before Amber’s appearance on the talk show, and Melanie said she did what she could to make the alleged bruising not noticeable.

“When I came to the penthouse to do Amber’s makeup, she had injuries. She had two light — I’m not a medical expert — but it looked like somebody had headbutted her lightly so she had discoloration here under both eyes and the bridge of the nose and she had what I would call a split lip or something on the lip like a gash or split lip,” Melanie said during her testimony.

Find out more about Melanie, what she said in her testimony, and her history with Amber below.

Melanie described how she covered up Amber’s alleged injuries during her testimony.

#AmberHeard‘s makeup artist detailed what she used to conceal Heard’s injuries before she appeared on “The Late Late Show With #JamesCorden” on December 16, 2015. @LawCrimeNetwork

— Law&Crime Network (@LawCrimeNetwork) May 18, 2022

“I just did makeup, just a little heavier. We covered the discoloration or bruises with a slightly heavier concealer, one that had more of a peach undertone that I would normally not use on Amber, but peach does cancel blue, so I did that under the eyes,” she said. “Though Amber always has a red lip, it’s one of her signature looks, I remember clearly talking we had no other option that night than to use a red blood … a really red lipstick to make sure we could cover up the injuries on the lip.”

During the cross examination, Melanie also said she was able to cover everything up but could sill tell where the alleged bruises were when looking at a photo of Amber from the late night talk show.

Melanie claimed Amber was acting ‘angry, sad, and a little erratic’ on the day she covered her alleged injuries.

Despite her supposed mood, Melanie said that The Rum Diary star “had the ability to turn it on” for her appearance on James’ show, “do her job and perform the way she was supposed to perform on the show.”

Melanie’s professional relationship & friendship with Amber ended after Amber’s divorce from Johnny.

Melanie stated in her deposition at the trial that she had called Amber up to tell her she couldn’t continue working with her due to personal reasons. Although it seemed part of it was because Melanie welcomed a child during that time, in court, she also admitted that she ended the relationship with Amber because it was “very consuming for me” and said “that’s why I decided not to continue it.”

Melanie has collaborated with big brand names like Armani.

The talented artist is reportedly an Armani Beauty Makeup Artist Collaborator and has collaborated with renowned directors and photographers, including Jonas Kerlund and Rankin. Her Instagram page is full of gorgeous photos that show off her work on various models and celebrities. 

Melanie just became a U.S. citizen.

The native of France, who is now based in Los Angeles, CA, posted an adorable boomerang-style video of her daughter twirling in a pink dress while holding two mini American flags in her hands on Apr. 1. “I am officially a U.S. Citizen!” the caption for the video read.

Source: Hollywood Life

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