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Manicure And Pedicure Hacks: 12 Steps To Build The Ultimate Nail Kit

Manicure and pedicure are an essential part of nail grooming. Your hands and feet never take a day off so it’s important to take care of them, especially in cold and harsh winters. Regular manicures and pedicures can actually provide great benefits for your overall health and well being.  They also help keep your hands looking young. Regular manicure and pedicure are important as they help keep infections at bay.  Here we will teach you how to build the ultimate nail kit for manicure and pedicure at home.

Why is nail grooming necessary

Your nails are like jewels don’t use them as tools. We bring to you reasons why you should take extra care of your nails.

  • Creating a first impression:

We mostly use hand gestures and movements in our conversation as they enhance communication and make it easier to explain one’s thoughts. Which is why when you are introducing yourself or explaining something, you don’t want the focus to shift from you and move to your untidy hands or feet. A broken or discolored fingernail often leads to a terrible first impression. Nicely manicured hands can help leave a beautiful first impression that you are aiming for.

  • For a proper hygiene

Appropriate hand hygiene includes diligently cleaning and trimming fingernails, which may harbor dirt and germs. A good nail care is important to keep your nails free from any dirt or breakage or damage

  • To avoid any fungal infection

Nail problems are symptoms of an underlying medical condition, such as an infection throughout the body. Fingernails and toenails help protect your fingers and toes, and so your overall health, therefore a proper care is required. One should keep the nails clean and dry in order to avoid any kind of infection.

Manicure and pedicure nail kit essentials

It’s hard to make it to the salon on a regular basis to keep your nails looking proper. So here are some must-haves in your  nail grooming kit

1.  Exfoliators:

pedicure at home

This tool helps remove the rough and dry skin that accumulates mainly in the heels. While the pumice stone offers a soft supplement, the rough foot files and accumulated dry patches require metal rasps. This is an important step in acquiring a smooth finish.

How to use an exfoliator:  A pumice stone can be used on the bottom of the feet to scrub away dead skin and calluses after soaking the feet in warm water for 15 minutes.

2.  Cuticle pushers:

manicure at home

They help in removing excess cuticle from the nail bed of both hands and feet. They also help seal the ends. Though a metal cuticle is preferred, a cheaper plastic version is also available in the market. And if you have soft cuticles, you can use a wooden cuticle instead of the metal one.

How to use a cuticle pusher:  You should never cut your cuticles, only push them back and be gentle with the cuticle pusher.

3. Cuticle removers:

manicure at home

Though this step is avoidable, a professional pedicure or manicure would involve applying a cuticle remover. This product should be applied prior to using the cuticle pusher. It helps soften the skin around the nail and facilitates the procedure of cuticle remover.

4.  Cuticle nippers:

manicure at home

The product lasts long and ensures clean and perfect nail ending. It is used for trimming ingrown nails and to treat tough cuticles and dry skin.

How to use a cuticle nipper: Use an upward motion to lift the dead skin of the cuticle upwards and away from the nail.

5. Cuticle oils and creams:

manicure at home

Using a cuticle nipper and pusher often results in dry skin and ends. Therefore, applying oils (such as flax seed or olive oil)  or creams helps lock the lost moisture and protects the skin from any damage and the tissues surrounding that area.

6. Orange Woodstick:

manicure at home

This multi-purpose stick can be used as a cuticle pusher or for cleaning your nails to remove dry skin or any dirt under your nails. This handy stick should be definitely a part of your kit.

How to use orange woodstick: Use the pointed sharp part to push down the cuticles at the corners of your nails.

7.  Nail clippers:

manicure at home

Though every house would definitely have one of these, a handy and functional nail clipper is necessary. Trimming your nails from time to time is necessary for a healthy nails.

8. Shaping tools:

manicure at home

Shaping tools include a nail file or an emery board. While metal or glass files are good in the long run, but for a person who wants to use a basic and easy tool, emery boards are suggested. The latter is cheap, dual purpose and is available in fun colours for purchase in the market.

How to use nail shaping tool: Trim your nails to the desired length and file nails in one direction straight across the entire nail.

9.  Buffers:

manicure at home

The secret to shiny and smooth nails is an appropriate buffer. It leaves your nails with a natural and permanent glow. It can also be used to smoothen nail ends or for fixing a cracked nail.

How to use a buffer: Told the buffer parallel to your nail and using unidirectional strokes buff your nails in X shape.

10.  Nail polish removers:

manicure at home

Applying products with high levels of chemicals is extremely harmful to the nail. You should opt for the nail polish remover with ethyl acetate as it has minimum chemicals.

11.  Nail toe separators:

manicure at home

Application of nail paint is a messy job. It is used to separate the toes so that the nail paint doesn’t smear while being applied.  The separator can also be used as a tool to realign joints or straighten bent toes or even increase blood circulation.

12.  Polish clean up:

manicure at home

The perfection of a groomed nail rests in the last procedure of applying the nail paint perfectly without spilling it over the nail bed and cuticles.A polish clean up creates a smooth surface and reduces the nail appearance of ridges that appear on the unbuffed nails.

Now that you know which tools form a manicure and pedicure kit and how to use them, you should build one, and start using it!

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