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Kim Kardashian ‘feels helpless’ as she faces consequences for ex Kanye West actions

Kim Kardashian reportedly getting heat from parents her son's school after Kanye West altercation

Kim Kardashian has been facing consequences for her ex-husband Kanye West’s actions as she is getting a lot of heat from parents at her son’s school after the rapper’s recent altercation.

The rapper, who now goes by Ye, was spotted storming out of his son Saint’s soccer game in Los Angeles after a heated argument with a parent of another student amid ongoing antisemitic controversy, TMZ reported.

Following this, West’s former wife and reality TV star is being asked by parents to stop him from “attending their kid’s games with the volatile hate that he has been spewing.”

An insider told Hollywood Life, “Many of the families and kids are Jewish and they feel personally attacked by Kanye, which is most likely what caused the altercation at Saint’s soccer game.”

“Kim feels helpless because she does not have any control over Kanye,” the source added. “Kim really cannot tell Kanye to do anything because that will make him do the opposite.”

“Kim feels like she has been watching Kanye sink his ship from the safety of her shore,” the source shared. “Her best approach at all public events is to ignore him.”

However, the insider noted that the “other parents are not having the easiest time doing this.”

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