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Kanye West Called Rosa Parks a ‘Plant’. At This Point, Why Are We Still Listening to Him?

Despite telling the world that he saw “good things about Hitler,” Kanye West apparently can’t find the good in civil rights icon Rosa Parks.

The Donda artist said as much during a conversation on Clubhouse over the weekend per The Wrap, where he referred to Parks as a “plant” (by whomst, I wonder?) and said that there was only one hero…Jesus Christ.

“Since 1948, all of these movements… I know woke’s going to be mad at me. But, all of these heroes, man. It’s only one, that’s Jesus Christ. You’re gonna find out something about MLK, something about JFK, something about Malcolm, Rosa Parks. We know Rosa Parks was a plant.”

He continued:

“They use these media outlets to outrage. Outrage is an economy. the trauma economy. What death are we gonna promote this week? It ain’t like 14 people ain’t getting killed every week in Chicago. But no, we’re going to publicize this on our– I’m not gonna say whose platform it is… It was the Jews.”

The “Praise God” artists also took a shot at the 44th president, adding at one point: “Everybody know Obama not from Chicago.”

Damn Ye, back at it again with the rants and rhetoric that’ll more than likely get you banned. In fact, it actually did get him banned off the app, as noted by a Clubhouse spokeperson.

“We took action to shut down a conversation on Saturday because it violated our policies. We also suspended those who violated the policies,” they explained to The Wrap. “There’s absolutely no place for bullying, hate speech or abuse on our platform as explicitly stated in our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.”

Honestly, given what’s been coming out of Ye’s mouth recently: I’m not sure I understand why they’d even take the risk of allowing him to verbally spew what he’s been tweeting and posting about on Twitter and Instagram, respectively. And what’s arguably more perplexing is why on Earth people even tune in, in the first place? I’m not one to try to make rhyme nor reason out of foolishness, but what I will do is count down the days until we all stop paying attention to what Ye does because what good is it really doing?

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