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Julia Fox Teaches Us How to Get Her Uber Low-Rise Jeans In Under 4 Minutes

Julia Fox recently stepped out in the sauciest take on the Canadian tuxedo known to man – the lowest of low-rise jeans, a denim bandeau top, denim boots, and a denim handbag fashioned out of a pair of upside-down jeans by Alexander Wang. Though, if you want to get her same pants, you’ll have to put in some muscle. They were created by Fox herself, who helpfully posted a simple tutorial on her Instagram page.

Fox breaks the process down very simply in front of a camera. First, she takes a pair of high-waisted jeans and marks them in two different places on each side. (“I want to make sure everything is going to be even,” Fox says to the camera). Then, she strips down into her underwear – “I’m going to get naked for you all” – and starts cutting the waist of the pants off. She hums and snips away, until the final product is revealed. She cleans up the stray threads, then says, “voila!”

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This isn’t the first time that we’ve seen a pair of jeans with the waist sheared off. Mariah Carey fabulously wore the look in her “Heartbreaker” video in 1999. According to Carey, in a 2017 interview with Vogue, she also cut the top of her jeans off, on the same day as her music video shoot. Of course, the look is iconic and has been reproduced for years. (Carey says in the interview that many “people ripped that off!”.) Late last year, Serena Morris, a consultant behind @shes__underrated, recreated Carey’s look along with the help of a tailor.

Fox is right on trend with her risk-taking midriff reveals. She has been pushing the belly-baring agenda for quite some time, and has been making low-rise pants even more paparazzi-worthy with her affinity for itty-bitty bandeau tops. She’s also been dipping her manicured toe into the world of tutorials. Just this past week she posted a how-to for her smoky eye. Maybe we will see another DIY clothing alteration from the House of Fox sometime soon.

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