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Jennifer Aniston Made This Face Mask Famous — and It’s Half Off

Since face masks became part of our daily routines well over a year ago, celebrities have been helping us choose some of the most stylish options along the way. Whether it’s Maskc’s skin-friendly masks that practically everyone in Hollywood has worn or Jennifer Lopez’s go-to, origami-inspired face mask, they have rarely led us astray. That’s why it’s big news that one of the most luxe face masks out there, loved by none other than Jennifer Aniston, is the cheapest it’s ever been on Amazon right now.

If you recognize the Wolford mask, that’s because it’s what Aniston wore when she encouraged the world to mask up on Instagram last year. Since the post went viral (it racked up no less than 6.8 million likes), the InStyle-approved mask has been worn by a number of other celebs like Sarah Jessica Parker, Adele, and even Vice President Kamala Harris, who wore it regularly on the campaign trail. 

The double-layered mask is water-repellent, comes in black  — which is available in XS/S or M/L sizing — and a silky, lace design (Aniston has worn both), and has a uniquely structured shape with a nose clip so that it fits securely on the face with no gaps. While the masks can cost up to $43, you can currently snag one for up to 50 percent off on Amazon.

Amazon Wolford Face Mask
Amazon Wolford Face Mask

It’s no surprise that celebs love the mask — the brand behind it is already well-known in the A-lister world thanks to its high-end hosiery and bodysuits, which have been worn by just about everyone, including Kim Kardashian, the Hadid sisters, and Kate Middleton. Shoppers say the mask is “sexy,” “extremely comfortable,” and has “excellent breathability” — so much so that one customer was even able to sleep in it. 

And if you’re in the market for some Wolford tights, the brand is actually running an additional promotion on Amazon where you can save 10 percent off your total purchase if you buy three items.

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