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Jena Malone Comes Out as Pansexual

Jena Malone has been taking the time to learn about her sexuality, and now she’s sharing that with the world.

The Hunger Games star shared an artistic video of her performing an interpretive dance in what appears to be her kitchen over the weekend, opening up in the caption regarding her journey with her identity.

“I guess it felt like I was a heterosexual man in a woman’s body. I visualized his desires and placed them on to me. But this, was never the whole of the story that was meant for me,” she wrote. “My sexual identity has more to teach and to tell me. Finding words that feel more right to explore in my telling. Pansexuality. Sapiosexuality. Polyamory.”

Malone has spoken in the past about having two moms growing up, her biological mother and her mother’s girlfriend at the time. Her sister casually reminded people of their upbringing with a lighthearted comment on her post, writing: “Looks like we’re a whole family of queers huh?”

The 37-year-old opened up further about her journey with sexuality with The Hollywood Reporter, calling it “beautiful” even though she feels “a little bit late to the game in being able to have less shame.”

“I’ve been loving the process of learning more about myself and others through different terms that open windows, those windows then turn into doors and then I arrive at a place to find all this cool stuff out there,” she said. “I love getting to learn more about myself no matter the age or my experience.”

It’s never too late to grow and explore who you are, and any public reminders of that from celebrities embracing it themselves can only encourage others to keep exploring, too.

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