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It is impossible not to notice that the Brit Award statue has been compared to a penis.

The 2023 Brit Award statue has left some people in stitches for appearing rather well endowed.

The BRIT Award statue is a very accurate representation of the ceremony because, despite the merger of the best male and best female categories, no women have been nominated for the Artist of the Year award.

Some viewers couldn’t happen but notice the statue had an unfortunate bulge. Credit: @midland_fencing/ Twitter

The design of the 2023 Brit Award statue has made some naive viewers laugh out loud. They have taken to social media to point out one of its features, which makes it look exactly like the huge banana that is making the internet go round.

Viewers couldn’t help but notice a rather protruding feature emerging from the statue as presenter Roman Kemp caught up with this year’s award’s set designer, Slawn.

One said, “This years BRIT p*k award 2023,” wrote another. “OMG that is a Brit award… even the creator is looking at its dk.”

Some viewers now can’t unsee it. Credit: @previouspaulson/ Twitter

A third person said, According to FAD Magazine, Damian Christian, Chair of the 2023 BRIT Awards and Managing Director and President of Promotions at Atlantic Records (a division of Warner Music UK), stated: “Why does it look like the brit award has a d**k on it… like the helmet placement?” We have been blown away by Slawn’s work, which is incredible and powerful. His design is bold, exciting, and current, and it represents what we are attempting to accomplish with this year’s ceremony.

“We were very honored that he accepted our invitation to give the iconic statue his own twist and carry on the BRITs’ rich design innovation tradition.

“I’m thrilled to have him aboard and to have his work play such a significant role in The BRITs 2023,”

Slawn designed the set and statue for the 2023 Brit Awards. Credit: Matt Crossick/ Alamy Stock Photo

Slawn stated that he was “overjoyed and honored” to be selected to design the statue for the 2023 Brit Award.

The artist went on to say: Since The Brits are an iconic, self-named celebration of British creativity and a genuine testament to the richness of talent-making and producing music both in this nation and throughout the world, it is an incredible privilege to have the opportunity to participate in this celebration of fellow creatives. The Brit Awards are a classic way to recognize talent from around the world and a powerful way to really think about how culture is changing and how people have contributed to it.

“I wanted to create an award that was both sophisticated and playful at the same time,” I said. I am aware of the fine line between traditional art and the entertainment industry that I cross. Because I know that opportunities like this don’t come along very often for people like me, I wanted to convey feelings of gratitude and celebration.

“Hats off to you” is the concept behind the sculpture. As a means of expressing my gratitude to The Brits for providing me with this opportunity, I decided to remove the helmet from the award. I hope that seeing this award demonstrates to people all over the world, including myself, that these feats can be accomplished.”

Sadly, it’s possible that Slawn was unaware of how “playful” his design would appear to some wandering eyes and soiled minds.

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