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Instagram Model’s Massive 38J Breast Implant Bursts

An Instagram model known for her out-of-this-world appearance says she’s going back to a natural look … because one of her massive implants popped!!!

The Canadian model, who goes by Mary Magdalene on social media, says the 5,000cc implant recently popped … leaving her with an 11-pound breast she’s calling her “uniboob,” and a bunch of saggy, tattooed skin.

MM, who has dropped six figures on a wide array of plastic surgeries in her life, says she’s going to take out her 38J implants and revert to her natural self … openly wondering if the burst boob is a sign she needs to change her look.

Mary’s mega boobs have gotten her in trouble before … as we reported, last summer she claimed her 22-pound breasts got her booted from a flight from Canada to Dallas for looking “too explicit.”

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