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In a bizarre prison tweet, Andrew Tate declares that he is preparing for “mortal combat”

In a bizarre series of tweets sent from his prison cell, Andrew Tate states that he is preparing for “mortal combat.”

Since December 29, the controversial figure and his brother Tristan have been held on suspicion of rape, human trafficking, and forming an organized crime group.

Tate remains behind bars as prosecutors prepare their case against him, despite requests to remain under house arrest.

Additionally, the brothers were ordered to remain in custody for an additional thirty days by a Romanian court at the beginning of this month.

Tate has managed to stay active on social media despite being imprisoned.

He rambled on about his attitude toward his imprisonment in a series of tweets that he posted yesterday evening (February 14), which was also Valentine’s Day.

He wrote in one post, ” The universe could have two outcomes: one, they kill me. Second, I emerge as one of the world’s most revered and influential men, motivated by deception.

“I ask my adversaries to choose. I’ll stay awake tonight, ready for physical battle. Best wishes!”

The controversial internet figure shared a series of bizarre tweets from his prison cell. Credit: Twitter/Andrew Tate

Later, the former Big Brother contestant wrote about his current state of mind, ” I am able to write and communicate with my students in The Real World.

“The world can be positively influenced by me.” I am still able to alter lives. I am currently confined to a cell. However, it might be worse.

“With a grin, I exist falsely imprisoned.”

Tate asked the questions, declaring that he was glad that his “brother is alive” at the moment. Would you rather be depressed or set on fire? Are you worried about losing a limb?

“Really good question. Because it is very simple to position yourself favorably, you must ask yourself these questions.”

Last but not least, Tate offered his advice regarding the “one way to survive in jail”: with “discipline and self-control.”

There has been the expected response to his tweets, with one person writing: Bro is a mature man who sounds like he belongs in an anime.

It was alleged that Tate and his brother were members of a gang that deceived women into moving into his Bucharest mansion.

Then, it was said, they were forced to make pornographic content through “physical violence and mental coercion.”

Tate claims ‘the Matrix’ is out to get him. Credit: Instagram/Andrew Tate

Prosecutors released new information earlier this month about two women who were deceived by the self-described misogynist. They say that he kept them as slaves and raped them to make videos for the adult sex website OnlyFans.

Tate has denied any and all allegations made against him, tweeting that he has been held captive by “the Matrix,” whatever that means.

The investigation is still going on, so no court date has been set.

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