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I Suck at Makeup, But These Eye Stickers Make Creating Euphoria Looks So Easy

While I admittedly don’t watch Euphoria, I do obsessively look out for the eye makeup looks on the show. But since I’m a realist, I know my shaky hands could never ever recreate those edgy, futuristic looks without a little help — namely from PaintLab’s Eye Stickers.

These eye makeup stickers come in fun shapes, color combinations, and finishes. You can go for a two-toned cat-eye or a graphic holographic look that seems brought back from the future.

The first time I tried a pair I opted for the brand’s Pussycat shape, which wrap over the crease of my eyes and come into the outer edges for a modern cat-eye effect. I first tried the pink pair, but realized that I should’ve used a pair of tweezers to place them exactly where I wanted. So, after a few moments of trial-and-error, I opted for the silver, holographic pair and it was a huge success.

For the first time in my life, girls stopped me at a bar to tell me how much they loved my makeup, and I was more than happy to let them in on my secret. “They’re just $10 and you can buy them at Urban Outfitters!” I screamed over the music. They were delighted and so was I, and not just because I had been complimented. Apart from looking cool, they felt comfortable on my lids, too. I was worried they’d feel itchy or annoying after a while, but I could barely even feel them at all.

paintlab eye stickers review

Plus, unlike eyeliner that ends up smudging at the end of the night, these stickers ensure that your look stays put all night. (No sloppy makeup here!) And once you’re ready for a clean face, instead of scrubbing off longwear eyeshadow and makeup, all you have to do is gently peel them off.

I’ve used different versions of PaintLab’s eye stickers now, and every time I do I’m very pleased with the outcome. They almost always stay on, but on the one occasion that a tip lifted off, all I did was add a drop of eyelash glue to it and pressed it back on for it to stay seamless all night.

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