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I Only Wear Workout Clothes for Instagram

For many people, Saturdays and Sundays are considered days of rest, but for me, it’s the perfect time to throw on a cute outfit, snap some photos, and finally feel human again. Despite the fact that we’re approaching year three (three?!) of a global pandemic, I still tend to struggle with getting dressed and moving around Monday through Friday. The weekend gives me that extra bit of time to pick out my looks, make real plans, and get all my steps in (hey, two out of seven days isn’t…terrible).

It’s also during this two-day period that I remember I actually own a drawer full of cute workout clothes, which means that sometimes, my late Sunday amateur photoshoot (courtesy of my fiancé), involves a matching sports bras and leggings set.

It’s true: for the most part, I only wear my workout clothes for Instagram.

It sounds terrible to say aloud, but I can’t lie. My current fitness plan isn’t so much of a routine as it is a thing I do periodically, or for a few short weeks before life gets busy and I abandon it entirely. Even then, I’m really just an at-home, YouTube video kind of person, and for that, I’m typically wearing random shorts and a T-shirt. The only time my workout clothes are worn for actual exercise is if I’m taking a class and feel inspired to look cute — at least for the first five minutes before things get started.

A lot of my fitness gear also feels too cute for intense sweat sessions. I view these pieces more as athleisure, to be styled with platform converse, chunky socks, and an oversized sweatshirt. They’re what I throw on if I’m grabbing a Saturday afternoon drink but can’t bear the thought of wearing jeans or a dress. They pair perfectly with a messy bun or yesterday’s curls and are also a practical choice if I end up walking far or taking a stroll around the park.

Since I’ve already put effort into selecting this outfit, I’m then going to embrace my inner fashion editor and document it. I want to show it off, and I know my friends and followers on social media might like it, too.

Maybe in 2022, I’ll get more serious about fitness and actually put these clothes to the test, rather than just putting them on Instagram. But alas, I can’t make any promises. Yet despite the fact that these clothes aren’t being used in the way they were intended, I will say they serve a purpose: the mix of cozy-cuteness makes me feel good, and in the end, that’s what really matters.

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