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How To Make a Salami Rose In Seconds Using This Everyday Kitchen Staple

My exciting New Year’s plan this weekend mainly involves noshing on a charcuterie board while waiting for the clock to strike midnight. I love making a plentiful spread and going all out with various cheeses and dried Italian meats, and I’ve always wanted to learn how to make a salami rose. I absolutely believe that we eat with our eyes first — and going the extra mile to make something stand out beautifully on a charcuterie board can entice our taste buds even more. Since salami is one of my favorite cured meats, it deserves to really shine! This year, I’ll be able to pull it off easily thanks to a hack that uses a simple kitchen staple: a wine glass.

How to Make a Salami Rose

Recipe blogger JaCee Petko shares this neat tip, which is sure to impress any guest, on her Instagram feed. First, she layers a pound of thinly sliced salami over the lip of a stemless wine glass until it’s nearly covered. Once all the slices are on the glass, she gently turns the glass upside down on the serving board to reveal the salami rose.

Afterwards, it’s ready to be surrounded by your favorite types of cheese, olives, and nuts for the ultimate crowd-pleasing appetizer spread. Check out her video below to see how simple it is to take your charcuterie board to the next level:

Be sure to keep a small pair of serving tongs next to the platter, to make grabbing a piece of salami a breeze. And snap a couple photos beforehand of your edible masterpiece to share online with friends and family.

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