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How To Clean Hardwood Floors With a Scoop of Mayonnaise

While some people might have an aversion to mayonnaise, I’m obsessed with it. I use it in dipping sauces, marinades, toppings — you name it, I love to put mayo on it. I even use it for unexpected things, like on the outside of grilled cheese sandwiches to get the perfect crunch (it’s the best way!). But I never thought I could clean with mayonnaise — especially not hardwood floors.

Can I use mayonnaise to clean hardwood floors?

I found this tip as I was searching for a solution to my scuffed-up floors. I live in an older building, which means these floors have seen a whole lot of life. That’s beautiful to imagine, but the marks and water spots from all those years aren’t so beautiful. Looking for a solution, I came across this mayo hack on several sites. I was skeptical, however. Could mayonnaise really clean my hardwood floors?

I put it to the test right away. Grabbing a jar of mayo from the fridge, I scooped a good amount onto a paper towel. The amount you use really depends on the size of the spot, and you only need a thin layer — enough to see the mayo, but still see through it. I made sure it really got into the nicks on my kitchen floor and let it sit for 30 minutes. This proved to be the biggest challenge, as I could barely keep my puppy away from it. But after distracting him with a new chewy treat, the mayo was left to do its magic.

How Mayonnaise Cleans Wood

The condiment is a good candidate for cleaning wood, as it’s mostly made of oil, which has the properties to seep into the wood, softening it and helping it heal, so to speak. The thickness of mayo also ensures it stays on the spot and doesn’t just dry out. It also works great on water spots, as the oil seeps into the underlying moisture and displaces it. That means no more cloudy spots on wood furniture and floors! (Of course, mayo is great in the kitchen, too — try these mayonnaise roasted potatoes, or this mayonnaise chocolate cake and you’ll see what I mean!)

The more I looked into how mayo could be used for cleaning, the more excited I got. After 30 minutes were up, I buffed out the mayo and gave it a good wipe down to get the residue off. And it worked! Sort of. I could see how the scuff mark was smaller and less deep, but realized it was going to need more time. Half an hour just wasn’t enough. But the small progress made me think it could be a real solution. So I once again covered the spot in mayo, and this time was resolved to leave it for a few hours.

This time, the difference was obvious. Gone were the dark mark and notches. Instead, the wood shined and looked much more even. Success!

If you’re tired of looking at your scuffed-up floors, grab a jar of mayonnaise and don’t be afraid to use it to clean them — it might just do the trick!

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