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How to Care For Your Color-Treated Hair

Within the last few months, hair dye has been all the rage. From sporting split dye hair styles to embracing a ginger and blonde Y2K moment, switching hair colors has been trending. The team at L’Officiel has created a five step guide to keep your freshly dyed hair vibrant and healthy.

Wash Less Frequently

Some of us are the type of people that need to wash their hair every day, others are the type of people that can go days without a wash. With colored hair, it’s important to wash your hair less frequently in order to keep that color looking vibrant. After you get your hair dyed, it’s best to not wash your hair for at least 3-7 days in order for the dye to get a better hold on your hair. To get the most out of your color, wash your hair no more than three times a week and use color safe shampoo

Say Goodbye to Hot Showers 

While a nice steamy shower in the morning feels great, it’s not so great for your hair. Hot water causes hair cuticles to open, allowing the color on your hair to detach from your hair. This causes your color to rinse out, and in some cases can completely wash it out. When shampooing and conditioning, it’s best to rinse your hair in cold water to seal hair cutiles. During your final rinse, set the water to the lowest temperature you can stand and rinse out your hair. This will give your hair a refreshed and shiny look. 

Hair Treatments Are Your New Best Friend 

Whether your hair was dyed with bleach or not, the integretiy of your natural hair has been compromised. In order to keep your hair healthy and your color vibrant, hair treatments are a must add to your hair care routine. Deep conditioning hair masks, heat protectant oils or sprays, nourishing hair oils, and color safe shampoo and conditioners are all products that will restore the integrity of dyed hair and protect it from any further damage. 

Skip Straight to Conditioner 

Hate the feeling of unwashed hair, but want to protect your color? For those of us who need to keep their hair clean as part of their daily routine, skip the shampoo and head straight for the conditoner. Shampoo can strip the color from your hair faster, causing hair dye to fade more. Conditoning your hair every day instead of shampooing and conditioning will give your hair a clean and silky feeling without compromising your color. 

Bye Bye to Blow Dry

Although we’ve all been loving our blowouts these past few months, blow drying your hair is not great for your color. Like hot water, the heat from hairdryers causes your hair cuticles to open up, allowing color molecules to escape, causing your color to become dull. Air drying your hair is the best way to ensure shiny colored hair that will last a long time. If you can’t say not to the blow dryer, be sure to use heat protectant and a color sealing hair treatment on your hair before every blow dry and style to keep that color looking fresh. 

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