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Gen Z, Meet Jenny Lewis and Her Signature Style

Before excited fans sang their hearts out to Harry Styles during Love on Tour, his cross-country tour in support of his album Fine Line, they were greeted with a question: “Who the F is Jenny Lewis?” 

Illuminated on a jumbotron, the seemingly loaded inquiry hung in the air above the stage, illustrated with an outline of Lewis, the flame-haired singer-songwriter known for fronting indie-rock band Rilo Kiley before embarking on a solo career. Below, Lewis’s sequined silhouette took the stage to introduce herself. Now, as they laid eyes on this sparkling figure, dazzling beneath the lights, the audience started to get a sense of exactly who the “F” she was. 

“When we first did sound check, I was like, Okay, there’s that catwalk. I better walk down it because, if not, it’s a missed opportunity to be creative. I’m walking down the catwalk. I’m 45 years old in my very tight sparkly dress…There’s one moment during the set where I reached my hand up as high as I could, and it felt so amazing…. I’ve never been able to move my body like that onstage before I started wearing these stretchy sequin gowns. I can really go for it,” Lewis tells Vanity Fair.

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