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Fitness Trends That Will Take Over in 2022

In 2020 and 2021, fitness trends shifted from class-focused workouts and gym time to a completely virtual scene. While life is somewhat starting to pick up again, we’re seeing a mix of workout preferences, and fitness app ClassPass released a report today predicting what’s on the horizon for 2022’s workout scene.

While we could have never predicted it a year ago, July of 2021 rang in the most in-person fitness class reservations, with bookings up 10 percent since before the pandemic. The classes people are taking in 2021 run the gamut, with the top workout being strength training and and second two being yoga and cycling. For the first time ever, dance classes were among the top 10 most-popular bookings of the year, too.

Additionally, the 5:30 p.m. workout is back as people head back into the office. According to the report, 57 percent of professionals are likely to stop by fitness studios on days they head home from the office. During “WFH” days, the lunchtime workout is still popular, with 15 percent of professionals using lunch breaks as a moment to unwind and get their sweat on. Surprisingly, the average workout time in 2021 has been 60 minutes.

With 1 in 4 professionals planning to head back to the office in 2022, the mid-commute workout will take its place again. But, many of us are staying home as well, and we’re the people who are dropping by fitness studios more. To be specific, over 70 percent of professionals are stopping at fitness studios on the days they work from home. However, digital fitness will still remain popular as people are twice as likely to workout using digital options on the days they work from home.

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