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Fans of Kanye West launch GoFundMe to help rapper regain billionaire status

Kanye West fans have been working overtime to help the controversial rapper become a billionaire once again after his net worth took a major plunge last week when Adidas cut ties with him. According to AllHipHop, Kanye supporters launched a series of GoFundMe campaigns, one of which was titled “Make Kanye West a Billionaire Again” with the goal of fundraising $1 billion. That particular fundraiser, however, only raised $5 and has since been removed from the crowdfunding platform, along with similar campaigns that have since popped up. Adidas, Balenciaga, Gap and Vogue have all parted ways with Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband after he made several anti-Semitic comments in the last few weeks. With his lucrative partnership with Adidas coming to an end, Kanye West’s net worth has gone down to $400 million from $1.5 billion, as per Forbes. Yeezy, his clothing line in partnership with the athletic brand, made up $1.5 million of his net worth.

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