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Everything You Need to Know About Lip Blushing

From microneedling eyebrows to tattooed eyeliner and lips, semi-permanent cosmetic procedures are making their way onto everybody’s radars. This is because of the more natural-looking effects that they produce, allowing for an enhancement in the beauties that already lie within our features.

Lips have been a particularly talked about topic in the world of beauty, whether it be in the form of fillers or makeup procedures. Lip blushing has been gaining a lot of traction on social media, as it provides an opportunity to keep your makeup routine as quick and low maintenence as possible. Not only that, it creates an illusion of fuller lips, one that comes without the need for injections. Here, L’OFFICIEL explains just what lip blushing is, how it works, and how to treat tattooed lips after the procedure. 

What is Lip Blushing?

Lip blushing is a cosmetic procedure that enhances lip color by “tattooing” colored ink to create a suble, natural lip color and gives an illusion of fullness. Similar to other semipermanent makeup procedures like microblading, lip blushing creates a long-lasting lip tint that individuals can wake up to without applying extra color, balms, or gloss. 

The results typically last about two to three years, and unlike traditional permanent makeup procedues, the lip blushing technique is focused on creating a natural look that enhances the beauty of features that are already there. Other benefits include increased pigmentation, fuller-looking lips without injections, and color correction for scars. 

What to Expect

A lip tattoo can cost anywhere between $500 to $1500 per appointment and is dependent on the location, the artist, and how much pigment is needed for the lips. Lip blush tattoos need several weeks in advance to prepare for the procedure, as they need to be generally smooth, soft, and hydrated for optimal results and proper healing. 

Next, artists and clients work together to find the perfect customized lip shade. Once a color tint is decided on, the artist will map out the tattoo to ensure the client is happy with the right lip shape. Then, a topical anesthetic is applied to numb the lips for the procedure. 

A typical lip blushing procedure takes about an hour and a half, where the artist tattoos the pigment onto the lips with a mechanical needle, building layers of color to ensure an even tone. Right after the appointment, the lips generally appear to be a much darker, vibrant shade than the intended result, but will fade approximately 30-50 percent to blend with the correct, more natural shade over the healing process.


The healing process after a lip blushing tattoo typically takes between five to ten days. Within 24 hours of the tattoo, applying ice packs may help to reduce the swelling. Keeping the lip area protected is imperative as to avoid irritants and possible infections. Because of this, experts suggest avoiding activities that require sun exposure or sweating to maintain proper lip protection as they heal.

It’s necessary that scabs fall off naturally, as picking or peeling at them may lead to scarring or uneven pigmentation. Ointments like Aquaphor help to protect and hydrate the lips. After about four weeks, the lips should be healed completely, with the enhanced color brightening the smile. While this isn’t mandatory, technicians may suggest a touch-up procedure following the healing process to fill in any missing spots from the first appointment. 

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