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‘Drunk’ Man United fans chant for Ryanair worker to ‘get her t**s out’ on flight to Barcelona

A Ryanair worker filmed a flight full of ‘drunk’ Manchester United fans bellowing some pretty vulgar chants her way.

Some of which even demanded she ‘get her t*ts out’ as well as inviting her into the toilet of all places with them.

Chloe Harrison, 25, was working on an evening flight from Manchester to Barcelona last week (15 February) – the night before a game between the two cities when she encountered the frenzied footy fans.

The worker was warned by her supervisor that there were ‘some United fans’ on the plane, but she was stunned to discover the flight ‘full of men’. See it here:

After the cabin crew reportedly sold out of all their beer and vodka, the rowdy group of men started using Chloe’s name in their football chants after overhearing it during flight announcements.

The baffled crew member claims they chanted ‘get your t*ts out’, but also sang ‘we love you Chloe, we do’ and even ‘shoes off if you love Chloe’, all while holding one shoe in the air.

Not only did they repeatedly harass Chloe, they also insulted and teased her colleague with the chant: “She serves to the left, she serves to the right, Chloe makes [the other flight attendant] look like sh*te.”

She explained: “I turned up on the flight and my cabin supervisor told me ‘we’ve got a few football fans on, it should be okay, they seem alright’.

Harrison says she believes the men were simply having fun and she wasn’t in any danger.

“I walked to the back of the plane and looked and it was just full of men. There were like three women on the flight,” she revealed.

Chloe disclosed that she thought to herself ‘this is going to be a nightmare’ upon realising the situation she was in.

"There were like three women on the flight." Credit: Kennedy News & Media
“There were like three women on the flight.” Credit: Kennedy News & Media

“There was one older lady sat in the middle of the plane and she said, ‘oh I bet you want to curl up into a ball, don’t you?’,” Chloe said.

At first having no idea what the fanatics were even saying, Chloe then clocked that they were using her name in their array of chants.

She said: “I was thinking ‘how do you know my name?’ They must have heard my name when they did the announcements at the start.”

Totally shocked by the ordeal, Chloe said she just wanted to ‘climb inside the rubbish bag’ she was holding at the time the chants first started.

As the flight went on and the alcohol poured, the Ryanair hostess noted that the noise got ‘louder and louder’.

After selling out of all alcohol mid-flight, the men demanded for more drinks and even made their way to front of the cabin to score some extra beverages.

“There’s nothing you can do in that situation,” Chloe explained, “if they’re all standing up you just have to tell them to sit down.”

As the chants became more and more random towards the landing, Chloe revealed that a few of the blokes even jokingly asked her: “Come to the toilet with us”.

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