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Disabled LGBT Woman Creates Holiday Collection for LGBT, Disabled, and Feminist Communities

Queeriously Ill Designs’ new collection features holiday designs representing and supporting LGBT, disability, and women’s rights.

WASHINGTON, Nov. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The new holiday collection by Queeriously Ill Designs offers custom designs for the LGBT community, featuring holiday sayings like “Make the Yuletide gay,” “Don we now our gay apparel,” “All I want for Christmas is trans rights,” and “Oh [rein]deer I’m queer.” The collection includes holiday cards, gift wrap, stickers, ornaments, mugs, and tote bags, along with T-shirts and sweatshirts. Other progressive-minded holiday designs include “sleigh the patriarchy,” “peace on Earth,” and “Sugar and spice and equal rights.”

Queeriously Ill Designs is owned and operated by Katie Reilly, a disabled LGBT woman. Reilly’s designs are for customers with a progressive lifestyle that want to express and share their liberal values.

“I wasn’t able to find LGBT–themed products when I married last year,” remarks Reilly, “and I realized that there was a gap in the market for this demographic. I started Queeriously Ill Design to address this by creating options for decorating and gift-giving for the LGBT community and expanded to related issues.”

The name of Reilly’s shop has a special meaning to her. “Queeriously” is a combination of the words “seriously” and “queer,” chosen due to a significant worry for the current political environment for LGBT citizens in America. The “Ill” portion of the shop name represents Reilly’s disability. However, Reilly wants to convey that “navigating a disability can be difficult, but my shop allows me to express myself and do something I love that my customers can enjoy too.”

LGBT Table Liner

The holiday collection and other disability, feminist, and LGBT-themed collections can be viewed at Reilly’s Etsy shop at

About Queeriously Ill Designs

Katie Reilly is a disabled LGBT creator and started Queeriously Ill Design in the Fall of 2021 when her disability caused her to be confined to bed. She used her design skills as a creative outlet and a coping mechanism. Print-on-demand options allow Reilly to produce and share her designs without causing further harm to her joints.

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