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Cosima On Star Signs, Boxing And Her Ultimate Lipstick Trick For A Low-Key Look

On how she wakes up in the morning

I wake up – that’s the one thing that’s consistent. I also wash my face with skincare nowadays, which I didn’t do before. I switch my cleanser out a lot, but I really like the Beauty Kitchen Revitalising Gel Cleanser because it’s super simple – there’s not much in it and my skin likes that the most. I also use the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish every now and then, too.

On the three products she always keeps in her bag

I’m obsessed with Valentino’s Brow Trio – I find it really difficult to do my brows and that is the only product that helps me to do them well. I also always carry a red and nude Valentino lipstick, so I can blend them in. If I’m going to be with a guy I like, I don’t like to do a full red lip because they don’t deserve to know that I really made the effort! But they should still think it’s hot, so I’ll do a tiny bit of natural red.

On tattoo removal

I got a tattoo on my 18th birthday – I tried to remove it but it was too painful, so I guess I’m sticking with it! I don’t think anyone should be able to get tattoos [at that age]. The removal process is like having every single tiny hair pulled out of your skin slowly – it’s horrible.

On the song she never tires of hearing

Probably “True” by Spandau Ballet because I love Magic FM in London – you always know what you’re getting with that. I am the queen of listening to the same song a million times. The other night I put a song on repeat – and then woke up and it was still playing.

On what’s on her nightstand

It’s quite chaotic. There’s always at least four books on there. I also have a habit of falling asleep in the middle of something, so there’s often a guitar half on the bed and notebooks everywhere. I need to start going to sleep properly.

On the best beauty tip she’s ever received

I feel like the best beauty tips actually have nothing to do with physical beauty. When we were children, my parents were really strict – we weren’t allowed to wear make-up until we were 18 because they said we had to learn how to enjoy ourselves as we are, in our natural state. Everything else is an add-on. And while I love make-up and beauty because it makes me feel good, I don’t depend on it.

The other tip I have had is that outside beauty is the least permanent thing about you, and it should be the least interesting thing about you, too. You don’t want your beauty to be a defining thing, or where you get your value from.

On her star sign

I am a Sagittarius and, given I’m on an island in the middle of the Caribbean right now escaping London, I’m a typical Sagittarius! We’re quite low key in a way, but we’re also quite chaotic in a way. Nicki Minaj, Scarlett Johansson and Tyra Banks are all Sagittarius. We’re an interesting sign – I like my freedom and to move around a lot.

On her skincare routine

I’m very new to skincare, but I’m really into it. The main thing I have to make sure I do first is take out my contact lenses, otherwise it’s the beginning of the end. I’ll wash my face and apply different serums, depending on my skin at the time. If I’ve done a shoot or something I’m always like “can I sleep in this eye make-up?” – that’s when I find it really hard to take it off. I am also into running ice cubes over my face, especially if I see a picture of Christy Turlington – that’s when I have the urge.

On what cocktail she’d be

I am torn – maybe I’d be a spicy margarita, or maybe I’d be something that tastes really sweet but is potent… the ones that taste good, but you’re like “oh my gosh”. The other day I had a piña colada, which is a very fun drink, but it was very strong – so maybe something like that.

On boxing

Where I’m staying [for my residency] is called Palm Heights, and they have lots of fitness stuff on offer. There’s a trainer, called Pete from Box Clever Sports in West London, and we’ve been training together. I love to box because my dad was a boxer. When I came here, I wanted to connect with that part of me. It’s a healing thing for me, because it reminds me of my childhood, and it’s a good workout too. It’s made me realise that if I don’t work out, I’m definitely a much less happy version of a person I could be – so let’s see if I keep it up when I have to walk to the gym [at home]!

On her signature dish when entertaining

Savoury food is not really my forte so I would ask a friend to come over and make the main thing. And then I would make a really sweet apple pie with cinnamon – served with ice cream, because custard is banned! I hate the texture of it.

On wellness

I’ve been getting more into wellness. I’ve been working out more, but also trying to be a bit more intentional about looking after myself. I’m telling myself that I deserve to be healthy and deserve to take a break. I do breath work during singing practice, but I definitely can’t meditate – I’m a bit too restless for it and can’t be in one place for too long – that’s the Sagittarius in me!

On favourite song lyrics

There’s an Arthur Russell song, “Wild Combination”, and there’s a line in it that goes: “Swimmer, what a winner you are”. There’s something about it, it’s so gorgeous. I’m writing at the moment and sometimes I’ll listen to somebody else’s song and be inspired by how accurately they’ve captured something that I feel already, and I work out how I do that. I have a great Dolly Parton book with all of her song lyrics – and she writes about them on the side. It’s super cute because she talks about songs like “Jolene” or “9 To 5” and breaks down how and why they came together.

On her favourite hair product

When it comes to make-up, I’m super consistent with what I like and use, but with hair and skincare, not so much! I love Charlotte Mensah products, including the brush, as well as Sam McKnight’s hairspray, which I always use on shoots – I’m obsessed with it. When we were children, our dad used to put olive oil into our hair and then wash it out in the morning, so sometimes I like to do that. It’s probably the only true beauty ritual I have.

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