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Copper Is Fall’s Most Popular Hair Trend

The colors of autumn are indisputably the most stunning of any season: the bright goldenrods, the deep ambers, the rich rusts all come together to create a palette that rivals any eyeshadow lineup. This fall, another color has entered the chat. After copper-colored hair exploded on TikTok and many celebrities, including Phoebe Dynevor and Gigi Hadid, dyed their manes, more and more people are getting inspired to do the same.

Copper hair color is unique, falling somewhere between brown, red, and orange. “It’s shiny, glossy, fiery and reflective in the sun,” said celebrity colorist Jenna Perry. “It’s dramatic and very dynamic, and it goes with all of this season’s color-saturated clothes.” The current color we’re seeing is different in that it’s more of a “pure copper” than usual, explained celebrity colorist Chad Kenyon—it’s “plush and rich,” he added.

Copper-hued hair is more than a salon style choice “it’s a fashion statement,” said Perry. “And after COVID lockdown, people are ready to be bold.” Kenyon agreed that this color’s popularity is due, in part, to the liberation people are feeling after lockdown. “People are wanting more daring vibrant hair color,” said Kenyon.

Although copper may seem like an exclusive color, Perry said, “There’s a shade of copper for most people.” If you’re interested in becoming a copperhead yourself, both Perry and Kenyon suggest you bring photo inspiration with you to the salon to share with your colorist. “Always look at pictures for inspiration and take them to your hair colorist to manage expectations,” advised Perry. She suggested opting for a celebrity shot rather than a Pinterest picture. Kenyon also noted that it would be helpful to bring photos of what you definitely don’t want as well.

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