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BTS’s Jungkook Goes Viral For His Sexy “Unholy” Cover And Leaves ARMYs Shook With His Insane Duality

Jungkook took fans on an emotional journey with his song choices.

BTS‘s Jungkook made his grand return to social media and nearly broke the internet with his 4-hour live stream with ARMYs.

BTS’s maknae has mostly kept a low profile since the group announced they would be shifting their focus to individual activities while working towards completing their mandatory military service.

Jungkook admitted that he’d become a homebody in recent months, taking a well-deserved break after ten years of hard work, deservedly rising to the top of the global music scene with his six fellow group members.

On February 2 (KST), Jungkook stole ARMYs’ hearts by checking in with a Weverse live that turned into an Instagram live with BTS’s V, and then back to Weverse.

He kept viewers thoroughly entertained by singing nearly 40 songs, displaying his adorable connection with his beloved Doberman, Bam (also known as Bahm), giving fans a long-awaited tattoo tour, and showing off his close friendship with V. He accomplished all of that and more, all while making history.

While there were countless memorable moments from Jungkook’s live streams, one moment continues to gain traction on Twitter going from 10,000 to 30,000 to nearly 94,000 tweets in a matter of hours.

During Jungkook’s impressive karaoke session, he took a fan request and sang Sam Smith and Kim Petras‘ hit song “Unholy.”

His incredible vocals immediately caught fans’ attention, as well as the way he casually and smoothly sang the lyrics that tell the story of adultery.

Jungkook then took his performance to the next level, performing the dance Sam Smith does in their “Unholy” music video.

Fans couldn’t get over Jungkook’s insane duality, going from performing “Unholy” to singing BTS’s emotional song “For Youth” later in the live, a song with a special place in BTS and ARMYs’ hearts.

He went from having ARMYs ready to dance along to many fans becoming emotional as he shared the special last song with them.

This was only one legendary and chaotic moment from Jungkook’s 4-hour live stream

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