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Becoming More Eco-Friendly In 2022

In this day and age, it is becoming more important than ever to look after our planet and ensure that we aren’t having too much of an effect on it as a whole. Our planet has had a lot of strain put into it in recent years and it is important for us to be able to put things right and be more eco friendly wherever we can. Today we are going to take a look at some of the ways you can be more eco friendly every day


The first and most pressing issue for us to think about this year is plastic and the situation in our oceans. Every single day animals are being found washed up with stomachs full of plastic, because they mistake our waste for food and the plastic gets stuck inside their bodies. To be more conscious every day of this, we can use less plastic: and this means when we buy groceries we should ditch those small plastic bags and let our fruit and vegetables loose instead. It might be a little inconvenient at the time, but it will literally save lives. 


One of the bes5t ways to help keep your home running without using too much energy this year is to use solar panels on the roof. Solar panels can be an incredibly effective way for you to keep your home powered without using up precious energy which can have a marful impact on the world around us. Plus, doing this will also save you some money so it’s a win win situation. If you are looking to make your home or office building more environmentally friendly in 2022, you can use an environmental remediation company who will help you with your building project and solar panels will likely be a key feature to a more sustainable energy source.


If there is anything you can do which will have an impact on the planet and our animals right now, it has to be using less plastic and not wasting so much of it. As you will likely know, our oceans are full to the brim with plastic and this causes our fish and birds and reptiles to mistake this for food and eat plastic. When they do this it can cause them a lot of pain and this is something which can be fatal. Every day you can make the decision not to use a plastic bag when you buy a piece of fresh fruit or to reuse a bag for life instead of buying a fresh carrier bag at the supermarket. Small actions like this can snowball and have a huge impact on our sea life. 

If you are looking for a simple way to save yourself some hassle and save waste, a great idea is to buy a coffee mug online. A reusable coffee mug can be just what you need to save some much needed waste and to also allow you to take your own coffee to work instead of buying it at expensive cafes. In fact, some cafes will give you a discount for bringing your own mug to encourage you to use less waste and be more mindful. 


One super simple way for you to save some money, energy and waste at home is to grow your own fruit and vegetables in an allotment at the bottom of the garden. Growing your own food is easier than you may think and it can be something which not only encourages you to buy less food and use less packaging, but also to make healthier choices with your meals. By eating fresh fruit and vegetables from your own garden you won’t be paying for them to be imported from across the world, which causes a lot of emissions in the air. 


Planting a tree can be a wonderful way for you to contribute to the health of our planet for generations to come. Trees produce oxygen and keep our air fresh, and by planting a tree you will be making a huge impact on the area. Not only will there be less CO2 in the air, but animals can make a home here and it will allow a whole ecosystem to thrive and live happily. 


If you really want to make an impact on the world in a positive way it is good for you to be educated on the things which matter. Take the time out of your day to read a magazine or article online; watch a few documentaries about the world; and think about contacting dome professionals in the field to talk about your home and any ways you can improve it. There is so much you can do as an individual and it is crucial for you to work hard to be more conscious. 


One of the biggest things which can have an impact on the environment is the energy and gases released by different modes of transport. When it comes to buying our own produce, it is surprising how much of it comes from halfway across the world. To help the environment try your best to buy locally made foods and grown crops. When you check the label of fruit or vegetables you will see where they came from and this way you can support local businesses and also use less energy. 


This one is a simple thing to think about and something which is super important too. Using less energy in the home is so important and it will make all the difference to you each and every day. Try to use less water, gas and electricity whenever you can for a better and more eco friendly life. 

There are so many ways you can bring a greener way of living into your life in 2022, and it is becoming more and more possible to make your eco-living dreams come true.

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