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Ashley Graham Swore By This £9 Moisturiser To Hydrate Her Twin Baby Bump

In case you missed it, Ashley Graham gave birth to twin boys earlier this January; her second pregnancy after giving birth to her son, Isaac, back in 2020. As you would imagine for a mum of three under two, she’s found little time for elaborate skincare routines. Speaking to Glamour US, Graham said her patience had waned.

‘I’ve had a whole new evolution as I’ve become a mom,’ she said. ‘My skincare routine has pared back in a lot of ways because I don’t have the the time or patience I used to have before Isaac came around.

‘I’m all about products that work,’ she says. And work, they do: Graham is never without a glow (or smile). As for caring for her pregnancy bump? She wasn’t one to jump on a bandwagon without thought. These days, there are a whole host of products designed to give the bump some TLC: bump sheet masks (yes, really), bump serums, and bump balms. Ashley adopted a different approach, choosing just one £9 product to nurture her delicate, growing skin.

‘I’m slathering myself day and night with the Eucerin’s Aquaphor, £9. It’s so hydrating. When Isaac needs me and I still need to moisturise, I apply it […] and then rub it all in. Moisturising my body is definitely something I have to do.’

And Ashley is on the money when it comes to Eucerin’s Aquaphor. It’s a thick balm texture – not dissimilar to vaseline – that works as an occlusive. In Layman’s terms, it creates a seal between your skin and the air, protecting all the moisture and keeping it there. To level up the hydration, spritz a hydrating mist on before you apply the Aquaphor; the ointment will look it all in.

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