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And Just Like That: Why Does Charlotte And Harry’s Apartment Only Have Two Bedrooms?

There are many questions we’re currently asking ourselves while watching And Just Like That, the reboot of Sex And The City. Are Che and Miranda going to get together, for real? What on earth is going to happen to Steve? And when is Carrie going to start dating again? But one of the biggest questions on our minds is… Why do Charlotte and Harry still only have a two-bedroom apartment?

We’re not the only ones who have noticed that the couple – who are incredibly rich – have just two bedrooms, meaning their children, Rock and Lily, are sharing a room (though admittedly, that room is quite big).

‘I just can’t hold this back any longer,’ one person tweeted. ‘LILY & ROCKS WOULD HAVE THEIR OWN ROOM. You think Charlotte and Harry would only have a two bed apartment?! Wtf is up with that. Or did I miss where they explained this? #AndJustLikeThat.’ As another added, ‘Of the myriad of issues and questions I have about #AndJustLikeThat It’s that Harry and Charlotte are rich AF yet they can’t upgrade to a three bedroom apartment now that their children are teenagers?’

So, why do Charlotte and Harry appear to have two bedrooms rooms? Well, you can’t blame Charlotte for staying – she did receive the Park Avenue flat as part of her divorce settlement from Trey MacDougal (much to the dismay of his mother, Bunny).

Obviously, buying a new apartment in the area area wouldn’t be cheap, with the average cost of an apartment being around £1million. (But we imagine Charlotte’s apartment costs far, far more.) And as New York is considered the most crowded place in the US, real estate there is notoriously small (in Manhattan the average amount of space a person has is 393sq.ft).

As somebody commented on a Reddit thread which asked why Lily and Rock were sharing a room, it’s apparently rare for kids in NYC to have their own rooms. And because Charlotte doesn’t work, the family is relying on Harry’s wages as a lawyer (and a lot of that is spent sending Lily and Rock to private school).

‘As someone who has been living in Manhattan for 11 years I can tell you this, you rarely see each kids having their own bedrooms,’ they said. ‘I have many lawyer and doctor friends who make great money and still have only two bedroom apartments in Manhattan. By the time they have a second kid, they move to Jersey or somewhere upstate. In Manhattan unless you make millions, it’s very rare a lawyer would be able to afford 4-5 bedrooms and send all kids to private schools while wife is not working. Average experienced lawyer in Manhattan makes about $350,000 a year. After taxes that’s only $150,000 a year. that barely enough to pay kids private schools.’

Or, as somebody pointed out on Reddit, maybe the house they’re living in did originally have three bedrooms – but they’ve just chosen to be clever with the space. ‘I bet it’s three bedrooms and one is converted into an office for Harry,’ someone commented. Another added that, like many of us, they might have had to make an office due to the pandemic: ‘I was thinking maybe during Covid, they [Rock and Lily] had to live together to make room for an office for Harry to be able to work from home.’

Well, now we can get back to wondering what SATC drama lies ahead in the last four episodes of And Just Like That.

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