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Adele’s Las Vegas set removal from Caesars Palace has ticketholders worried for future concerts

Adele’s Las Vegas residency set has been removed following the news that the concert dates have been postponed, prompting concerns over the show’s future. 

‘Weekends with Adele’ ticketholders are desperate to know when they’ll get to see their idol sing live, after discovering that the British singer’s stage has been torn down from its Sin City venue. 

Adele canceled her Las Vegas residency just 24 hours before its first show last week, citing staff shortages and production delays due to Covid-19 for the last-minute decision. 

The 33-year-old singer was expected to take to the stage at the iconic Colosseum in Caesars Palace in Vegas on 21 January, for the first live performance in a twelve-week-long concert series. 

The highly-anticipated gigs, which were scheduled every Friday and Saturday evening for the next three months, were announced in December, bringing an end to speculation (and hopes) that an Adele tour 2022 would take place. 

It’s understood that the Grammy-winner opted for a residency over a traditional tour to promote her latest studio album, Adele 30, to grant her more time with her nine-year-old son, Angelo. 

Unfortunately, it looks like plans for the one-venue concert series may now be in grave jeopardy. It’s been rumored that the Easy on Me singer clashed with set designer Es Devlin over the vision for the show, after disliking the English creative’s proposal of an elaborate pool stunt. Adele’s stage fright, which has plagued her since the early days of her career, has also been suspected as a reason for the cancellation. 

Photos of Adele’s set being disassembled at the Colosseum have since been posted online, prompting concern over the likelihood of the residency ever going ahead. 

Ticketholders are now desperate for an update on the show, with many venting their frustrations about the lack of communication from Adele’s team on Twitter.

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