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Adam Reed On His “Genderful” – And Affordable – New Hair And Scalp Care Line

There’s more to Arkive, the new hair care range from hairstylist Adam Reed, than just good shampoo. This is a collection of head care products that Reed created for “you, yours and theirs”, and he says it’s here to shake up how we approach our wellness routines.

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“Arkive is a universal head care range – it’s genderful. It encapsulates everyone, because inclusivity is key. That’s also the case in salon as I would never want people to feel like they can’t visit because they feel uncomfortable,” says Reed. “I wanted to make sure that my products were accessible to everyone through Boots, the retail distributors, and the affordable price point.” With 11 products in the range, the most expensive is £13. The line includes all you need for healthy hair, from a shampoo and conditioner duo and scalp scrub to a mask and four styling products. “The products are for all hair types – this is a universal range.”

Through Arkive, Reed wants to transform the way we think about our hair care routines. “I want people to create rituals out of washing their hair, and switch a mundane chore into a rewarding self-care treat.” 

Reed is big on the importance of self-care to overall wellbeing. During lockdown, he offered NHS staff complimentary appointments, which further cemented his understanding of how important hair washing can be. “Some of them would come in and just want their hair washed. It meant they could sit back and relax and just experience the feeling of human touch. It’s the sensory part of vanity, making a ritual out of bathing, and it gave us an opportunity to give that back to them at such a stressful time,” Reed says now. 

“We made sure that we massaged the key relaxation points on the head, and this is also something we always do in the salon. As simple as it sounds, it makes such a big difference. Elevating everyday tasks, such as washing your hair, with a product that smells uplifting can help make a big difference to how you feel mentally and physically.” 

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Those who know Reed well know that he’s also a huge fragrance aficionado, which meant that he spent a long time considering scent when developing Arkive. He created two signature scents for the formulas: No One Elsie and Future Bloom, both inspired by his childhood memories. “The fragrances are evocative, which is why the smell of the products is central to the Arkive range. It can help us unlock how we feel.” 

Future Bloom is a green scent, with mandarin, rhubarb, vanilla and white musk that gives a “grounding hug”, while No One Elsie has tomato leaf, rhubarb, honeysuckle and redcurrant, blended with palo santo and vetiver to uplift. “It smells like catching up with an old friend.” 

As someone who has been open about his personal mental health battles, Reed recently celebrated an impressive 10 years of sobriety. One of his proudest achievements, he says, is starting a family with his husband Kenny and their adopted son, Riley. “I didn’t think I would have my own family, which is why they’re both so special to me. Family make me who I am. I’m so proud of us – we’re creating our own Arkive.” So much so, that the ‘Ark’ in Arkive stands for Adam, Riley and Kenny.

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