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5 Top Tips And Tricks For Your Healthiest Hair Yet, Care Of Jonathan Van Ness

Jonathan Van Ness is fabulous from head to toe. Fans of Queer Eye For The Straight Guy will be familiar with their bounteous brunette curls and life-affirming approach to working with their clients, and now they have brought that inclusive and welcoming approach to hair to the UK – JVN Hair is now available via SpaceNK. “Everybody is welcome to love their hair, play with it, and either embrace their natural texture or change it,” they say about the brand’s “come as you are” tagline.

“Everyone should be welcome to explore that with fun and curiosity, and not feel like they aren’t welcome. I was really determined to create a line that was inclusive and offered efficacious formulas that don’t rely on silicones and can actually penetrate the hair shaft and make it better from the inside, out.”

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Instead of silicone, something which they say is an ingredient we “over rely” on, the formulas all contain the hero ingredient hemisqualane. “Hemisqualane is an incredible molecule that’s highly absorbent, and so refined and light that it’s able to penetrate and repair all different hair types, without weighing it down. It’s very unique,” they explain.

Formulated for hair concern, rather than hair type, the aim is to ensure there is a product for everyone, however your hair looks or feels. “Hair is hair is hair, no matter if you’re a straight 1a or a curly 4c,” says Van Ness. “No matter what your hair type is, you either need more moisture, more body or more strength.” The result is four different collections: Undamaged, Nurture, Embody, and Complete, a styling line.

So how do you achieve the healthiest hair of your dreams? Here, Van Ness shares their top tips.

Always use heat protection

“First and foremost, you should always use heat protection. In my career I have had so many clients who have asked me not to apply any product because they want their blow dry to last longer; but in reality, not putting any product on hair and then heat styling is the quickest way to prevent a blow dry from lasting. You damage your hair, your haircut won’t last as long and colour will fade faster. It’s not healthy for its long term health. Make sure you’re using a silicone-free heat protectant that doesn’t build up on on the hair – you won’t believe how much better it will look.”

Avoid silicones

“There’s volatile silicones and non-volatile silicones, and both are not fabulous. The reason for that is because they coat the outside of the hair shaft and stay there. They make your hair look and feel shiny and smooth for a while, but eventually your hair will turn on it because you get a build-up on the hair shaft. Your hair starts to get flat, it can’t absorb any other ingredients, and it can exacerbate dryness. Silicones suck, and sulphates are not great either.”

Sleep in a top knot

“Sleeping with your hair up is very important if you have longer hair and sleep with your hair down. Your body is like a 98.6 degree flat iron and when you lie on your hair, it starts to get even warmer because of friction and heat – that is the worst thing for it. Loosely gather your hair – no tension, because that can create hairline breakage – into a swirly top bun, and then secure with a silk scrunchie. It’s a really good way to help your hair get longer and healthier, and prevent frizz.”

Look after scalp health

“Taking care of your scalp is a great way to make sure that the overall health of your hair improves. If you are someone who wears extensions, wigs or hats, or if you have a scalp – most of us do indeed have a scalp – you need to try the JVN Pre Wash Scalp Oil. It’s so good. It contains turmeric, which is a decongestant; rosemary extract, which helps to increase circulation; and then bisabolol, which is really helpful for breakage. It doesn’t weigh your hair down whatsoever and it also creates a lovely little root lift after you use it.”

Make masking a regular occurrence

“Who has time to sit with a mask in their hair for 20 minutes? I can do that maybe once a month when I’m having a major self-care day. But because I heat style so much, my hair needs more intensive nourishment, more often. With our Nurture Mask, you literally get the full benefits in three to five minutes – you can leave it on longer if you want, but that’s when you see full benefits. I’m obsessed.”

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